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Hold onto your chairs.. whats to follow is an update on my live... and those participants that is part of it .. IE.. FANDAMMILY...

I found a job.. not a great job but a job.. its a steady income.. screaming at people to pay there accounts..

*shudders* I am a ......... DEBT COLLECTOR....

its a fucked up job and being screamed at cause you don't collect enough money SUCKS.. but oh well.. as said.. its a job.

A while back moms hubby got a laptop and at that time Bro and family was visiting and took some CD's home.. cause Hans did not check out the contenets of the box before he came home they thought Bro took the Vista Cd .. threads and warnings later I went to get the Cd's they took.. Bro attacked me.. was up in my face and well.. he killed the cash cow that covred his ass in live... I wrote him off.. he is nothing of me .. only blood nothing els.

About 3 weeks later AFTER the confusion was sorted mom went to visit and again they attacked.. but this time bodily and mentally.. mom wasn't a moms ass worth and not a grannys name worth.. you get the idea.. Another cash cow DEAD...

shortley after that they tried contacting mom for money cause the other child was possibly also having cancer.. got basic same symptoms... ERM.. no more CASH COWS.. what now...

During this time my cousin got diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.. she is NOW at stage 4..she got chemo treatment but are on constant Morphene to handle pain.. no more hair nothing.. not going good there.

Out of the blue I get a message... lets see... Bros wife send me an IM... lock your gates and house .. we just got robbed at gun point by 4 blacks.. took everything.. me go  O_o  HOW you able to IM me?!?!
Oh..am on DAD's pc .. OooooooooooK .. moving on... iggy them and just did nothing.. now this happend saturday night apparentley.

They went to Police station Monday to make a case....... OoooooooooooooooWie.. THAT was a bad move..


Bro got arrested.. CHEQQ FRAUD.. he is looking at 10 + years in jail.. HIM.. Help help .. this is wrong .. is not me .. they been looking for him for 5 years... hmmm.. with him having had 2 cases open against him in Sasol alone.. and they did not pick it up till now... me wonder... did me stopping ... do this...

As a friends said..


He got taken away this afternoon... it was Jean-Dee's birthday and 1 year remition day today ... what a way to have a birthday .. to see your dad in cuffs and chackels being placed in a police van.

Mom is in tears..she said he looks like an old man.. apparentley his last words to her was .. tel her I am sorry and bye... I looked at mom and said.. oh well.. maybe now he will grow up. He is a Dad of 7 but he does not take responsibility for his actions.. NOW.. oh well...

Oh well.. that is an update in the live that is Merine

Messed up as it is.



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